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Neurological Surgery


Neurosurgery at the Kaohsiung Armed Forces General Hospital is one of the neurosurgical service department. We provide an excellent experience and a full spectrum of service for the diagnosis and treatment of patients with neurosurgical disorders, including:

  • Tumors of CNS (Brain and Spinal cord)
  • Vascular disease (Intracranial aneurysm and AVM)
  • Emergent operation (Trauma to head or spinal cord, CVA, fracture)
  • Spine operation (HIVD, spondylosis, fracture)
  • Pain control (Trigeminal neuralgia, upper and low back pain)
  • Stereotactic neuronavigator image-guided surgery
  • Functional neurosurgery (Palmar hyperhidrosis, bormiodrosis, hemifacial spasm, RF)
  • Peripheral nerve surgery (Carpal tunnel syndrome, tardy ulnar palsy)
  • Other neurosurgical disease (Hydrocephalus, meningocele)
  • Intensive care (Seizure, meningitis, stroke, head injury, cervical spine injury, hypoxia)

There are excellent cooperative colleagues of our team work, including of neurology, Neuropathology, Neuroimage and Rehabilitation. We hope that we can provide the best neurosurgical service for you.