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Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery


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Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery

Plastic Surgery Division

Members of Plastic Surgery Division

Name Professional title
Chien-Yeh Wang MD
Guan-Ming Feng MD
Tian-Hao Yeh MD

Common operations include
Free Tissue transfer(including a variety of perforator flaps) Esophageal Reconstruction(cervical and thoracic)using various intra-abdominal viscera Voice Reconstruction using intestinal viscera Head and neck resection for cancer transfers Lymphedema reconstruction using free lymph node transplantation,direct excision,and reduction using microsurgical techniques and perforator concepts(radical reduction with preservation of perforator) Bone reconstruction for traumatic and non-traumatic defects(ORIF for fractures,secondary complex reconstruction of the upper and extremities,and head and neck therapy,and others)

Plastic Surgery wards:15 beds

Out-patient number:350 patient month

Out-Patient Office Hour:Tuesday 9:00-12:00;Friday 9:00-12:00

Cosmatic Out-Patient Offic Hour:Tuesday 18:30-21:00; Friday 14:00-17:00

Cosmetic Out Patient Service:886-7-7493960