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Plastic Surgery Division

Name:馮冠明, Feng Guan-Ming

Birth Date:Apr 18,1964
Birth Place:Kaohsiung, Taiwan
Office Address &TEL NO.:Department of Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery, Army Kaohsiung General Hospital,2,Jhongiheng 1st Rd, 802,Kaohsiung,Taiwan,886-7-7494963,886-7-7493960
Education:Aug,1991, National Defense Medical Center, Taipei

Professional Affiliations:

  • Taiwan Surgical Association
  • Plastic Surgical Association,R.O.C

Employment Record:

  • July, 1993 to July, 1999, Resident Chief Resident, Surgical department, Armed Forces Kaohsiung General Hospital
  • Aug, 1999 to July, 2003, Resident Chief Resident, Plastic and Reconstructive Department , LinKou Chang Gung Memorial Hospital
  • May,2003,Clinical fellow,Plastic and Reconstructive Department ,Chung-Ho Memorial Hospital,Kaohsiung Medical University
  • May,2003,Clinical fellow, Plastic and Reconstructive Department ,National Cheng Kung University Hospital
  • Aug, 2003 to now, Visiting Staff, Plastic and Reconstructive Department, Armed Forces Kaohsiung General Hospital

Board Certification:

  • Dec. 31,1997, Taiwan surgical association, 外專醫字第003984號
  • Nov.5, 2003, Plastic Surgical Association, R.O.C., 整專醫字第347號
  • Licensers:醫字第022883號


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  • Deltopectoral flap revisited: Role of the extended flap in reconstruction of the head and neck Guan-Ming Feng .; Emanuele Cigna .; Hsing-Kuang Lai .; Hung-Chi Chen .;
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  • Distraction osteogenesis combination with bioabsorbable mesh for reconstruction of a segmental mandibular defect – Preliminary result of animal study
  • Guan-Ming Feng, C-T Chen, Wen-Guei Tang, Y-R Chen