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•To provide the military and their dependants in sourhern Taiwan medical treatment and health care, and patients from Taiwan's off-shore islands.

•To provide army and resident doctors specialized medical training and education, and to give medical and nursing students practical training.

•To act as central hospital system in case of war, and intergrate every organization's co-ordination and support of the administration. To provide medical treatment and education in peacetime.

•To take charge of the health checkup of draftees and students of the military academy. To provide public medical treatment and health care and participate in the emergency medical network in the region. To offer medical support for the military in Dong-sha Island, Nan-sha Island and Mazu.


  • Kaohsiung city bus(Tel: 886-7-7496747)
    Kaohsiung Armed Forces General Hospital: Route 50, 248 (orange )
    Weiwuying: Route 52, 248
    Jianjyun Station: Route 53, 73, 88
  • Kaohsiung Highway Bus(Tel: 886-0800-337-337)
    Kaohsiung-Linyuan: Route 100, 102
    Kaohsiung-Pingtung: Route 706
    Guoguang Highway: Pingtung-Tainan

Service Bus

  • Kaohsiung city bus(Tel: 886-7-7496747) Station:

    Da-Liao→Yong-Fang Elementary school→Fu-Ying College→Shan-Zi-Ding→Jing Zhong Fourth village→Ganchengsincun Village→No. 2, Shangsie Village→Taimaoliou Village→No. 1, Shangsie Village→Yingjyuci Village→Chengde Village→Huangpusih Village→Infantry School→Military Academy→Shengli Road Intersection→Boai Road→Beimen→Niouchoupu→Shihyan Road→Jianguo Road Intersection→Jianguo-sincheng→The old apartment→Wujia community centre Catholicism church→Kaohsiung Armed Force Hospital

Parking Area

  • Parking Area (for car and motorcycle) - You can enter the parking area from side door, which location is at No.5, Jianjyun Rd.